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Daewoo Leganza

Daewoo Leganza

They say in order to sell a product you have to put it into customer’s hands. Similarly in order to sell a car you have to put consumer behind its wheel. At least that was the idea when Korean automaker Daewoo Motors brought a line of reasonably priced vehicles to sell in United States. Three different models; Lanos, Nubira and Leganza were introduced to a saturated American auto market in 1997.

The marketing idea was simple and seemed brilliant on paper. Daewoo would give anybody a vehicle to test drive for 90 days for free. You could either buy the car or give it back at the end of 90 day test drive period. The idea was that once you are driving this car it becomes yours and you will find a way to keep it. It really sounded like a fantastic and innovative idea at a time. My nephew who was attending Moorpark City College bought his first new car, pewter Daewoo Leganza like that.

In fact a great number of students signed up for test drive. Unfortunately not all good ideas work in real life. Technically not being responsible for their vehicles for the first 90 days kids thrashed their vehicle within first thirty days. Many first time drivers who were able to get the car that way got in accidents and a great number of youngsters just thrashed their vehicles and then returned them. In short this brilliant market plan was a complete disaster.

Five years later Daewoo Motors disappeared from American auto market. This morning I saw beige, 2000 Daewoo Leganza with fading paint job at my mechanic’s shop in Pasadena. I haven’t seen on the road in years. “It’s a piece of crap,” complained Mike:” You can’t get any original parts for it.” That’s a fact unless you have connections in Korea.

Not all Korean automobiles are crap. Two other major automakers from Korea, Hyundai and Kia have been enjoying ascending popularity in the American Auto market as of late. But Daewoo was just one of those ideas that never materialized in United States.

Our expert detailer George taking care of the last steps of the refinishing process

Our expert detailer George taking care of the last steps of the refinishing process

In California your car is much more than just a tool for getting place to place. It is seen as an extension of the driver, with each car being just as unique as the person behind the wheel. There are even some people who claim they are able to tell everything about a person just by looking at their vehicle. A long time ago, in fact over a hundred years ago now, Henry Ford said that you could get the Model T in any color, “as long as that color is black!”  Thankfully this is no longer the case. With thousands of colors to chose from, various tints for windows, rims ranging from all sizes, hilariously small to outrageously huge, and all sorts of other options and decorations available, it’s easy to see why the car has become so personal.

Certain technologies become more fragile as they grow in complexity, which is as true in electronics as it is in car paint. The more personal our cars become, the more we want to take care of them. The perfect fusion of these two ideas is best represented in what is known as the detail job. In short it is the complete cleaning, polishing, and waxing of the entire vehicle. But, it goes deeper than that. For instance, when a detailer uses special compound to buff your paint, he’s not just removing stuck dirt and light scratches. The compound actually mixes with the paint and increases its longevity and quality. There are plenty of people who do this on their own, but in Southern California you’ll find all the detail shops packed. Not only are people trying to keep their babies clean, they’re also trying to keep them protected.

Modern car paint is made from a special blend of chemicals and water, and is referred to as ‘water-based.’ It is an environmentally friendly spray paint, applied in special booths, and has an incredibly wide range of colors. Most cars come with two major layers of paint, the colored paint and a ‘clear coat.’ As its name suggests, the clear coat is not visible. Its purpose is to take as much damage before that damage reaches the actual paint. Damage comes from a variety of sources, the most major one being the weather. Long periods of direct Sun exposure and being covered in snow on incredibly cold days can permanently damage your cars paint, by either causing it to peel or turn a different color. Dangers to just the surface of the paint include oxidation and scratches. Deep scratches can cause very serious problems. The car paint does more than just make your car look good, it protects it. If you have a scratch deep enough to expose metal, that metal can rust, and could eventually rust out an entire panel.

With there being a demand for detailers, a large supply has popped up. While there are plenty of detail shops and licensed at home/mobile detailers, there are also many who operate without licenses, or even basic training. One should always be cautious and wary of what they are purchasing and who they are purchasing from. This includes car dealers themselves! Dealerships offer ‘clay protection coats as an add on to the vehicle price , just like power windows or navigation system. jobs.  In reality clay coat on your vehicle is nothing more than a glorified deatail job

A big thing to consider  is whether or not you’re getting enough bang for your buck. Dealers will charge you an arm and a leg and most of the time you’ll end up getting a good enough job, if not sub-par. With car washes you run the risk of subpar jobs and they definitely don’t  give each car the attention it needs. The easiest option is finding someone close to you with a detailer they trust, though that doesn’t guarantee the detailer knows what they’re doing. Always use caution and common sense when looking for good service! There are also online options such as yelp, and the reviews can lead you in the right direction.

The best type of detailer is the kind with a deep passion for what they do and attention to detail, and I can find a no better example than our shop’s own George Nieto. George treats every customer’s car as if it was his own, going through every nook and cranny and never missing a single step to make sure the car is just right. He holds a large amount of intimate knowledge regarding cars, paints, and detail supplies, so he always knows what car needs what and how much of it. He fully stands behind his work, and so do we. We wanted to offer our customers the best in both quality and protection, and thanks to George we can. If you find yourself in need of detail, especially when Spring and Summer start coming around, come by and let us take care of you. We promise you won’t be disappointed!