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“How many coats of paint are you going to put on my Chevy?” With recent advancements of automotive refinish technology that old question has become obsolete… until now! 2015 Lexus RC coupe unveils new four-coat paint process.

The new finish, four stage bright red sparkles so brilliant that it is hard to look at in the sun without sun glasses. This new finish process is achieved through application of four coats which are baked twice in the booth. A base coat of silver is applied first, followed by a clear coat. It is then baked in the spray booth. After a short cooling out process translucent red coat is applied followed by another coat of clear.

Following the second bake, outside in the sun the paint reflects red as well as silver layer deep below, which adds more definition as well as metallic highlight. It is almost as if you are watching the paint in a 3D movie theater screen, except it is 4D. It is a multidimensional paint. In one word it is stunning.

If you are thinking that matching this color on a damaged RC coupe could be a challenge, you might be right.” Oh, it’s not that bad,” assured me DuPont paint technician Alberto Pineda;” You just have to add a few extra steps to the process.” Still if you own one of those beauties I would make sure your shop is equipped to handle the job right.