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Twenty first century Tesla drivers are a new breed of luxury vehicle owners. They are just as obsessed with their automobiles as Porsche or corvette owners. Only you will not hear them talk about the size of the engine or how fast it will rip from zero to sixty seconds. Usually you will be taken aside to learn in confidence about one of the many wonderful features prized Tesla offers.

For example, on a hot Southern California summer day one can turn on air conditioning inside a Tesla remotely to cool off the vehicle prior to driver’s arrival. “It’s gotta be the door handles,” exclaimed John Fender from Agoura Hills:” How can you not love the car that greets you when you come near and says_ can we go for a ride- like an excited puppy.

How about regenerative braking? The vehicle brakes automatically as soon as you remove your foot off the gas. Oh wait! It cannot be called a gas pedal since there is no gas in this car. Let’s call it an acceleration pedal. Excited! You have seen nothing yet. The latest generation of Tesla informs the driver of speed zone changes as the vehicle travels on the road in real time.

Did you know that one must have a smart phone in order to own a Tesla? A friend from Huntington Beach said:” I love the Tesla apps. The iPhone app that lets me see how fast the car is going, the temperature inside the car and its charge status. My wife loves the apps too. Also the home link button knows to pop up when it’s time to open a garage door.”

Also Auntie Tesla took a page out of Uncle Sam’s book of keeping track of their citizens. You can track the whereabouts of the vehicle through you smart phone app.

And of course Tesla owners are very proud of the fact that they spend their hard earned money to protect the environment. As one gentleman eloquently stated:” reducing our foreign energy dependence and hopefully the need to send future generations to war to protect oil interests.”

Finally, most Tesla owners would have you believe that even though they spent a very substantial amount of money purchasing the luxury automobile that it is a sound financial decision due to future savings on gas. What they forget to mention that because of the weight Tesla uses performance tires that have to be replaced every ten thousand miles. Compare your yearly gas savings to replacing a set of performance tires which for 21 inch wheels are about $1800.00.

It’s a wonderful automobile; a marvel of modern engineering and a future of auto technology, but please do not be confused the words Tesla and frugal are not in the same continent. Anotherwords you do not buy a Tesla to save money, you buy it to enjoy a luxury car. So enjoy it!