All New Corvette Stingray exceeds expectations

Posted: October 28, 2014 in Automobile
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Monday morning GM trainer, Ruben Maldonado dropped by my shop driving bright yellow, 2015 Corvette, Stingray. It was sparkling in the Southern California sunlight. “It’s a chick magnet,” chuckled Ruben as I was admiring sleek lines of the redesigned beast.

“May be I could borrow it for a week or so just to confirm your claim,” said I smiling.

” But it’s a squeeze to get out of it, especially for an old fart like you,” replied Ruben:” So it might be counterproductive to your goal.”

As a kid I remember dreaming about 1967 Stingray 427 convertible. The iconic muscle car held a mystique of a fairy tale for me. As a young adult I was less than impressed with 1980 Stingray, specifically its steering and suspension. But today’s all new Stingray hugs the road as if it was made to do just that and the control you feel making sharp mountainous turns is very impressive.


The new Stingray is absolutely amazing. It is built on aluminum frame which makes the vehicle lighter and stiffer and features carbon fiber hood and roof panels as well as lightweight compounds for the fenders and doors.

Considering there are different options, I am going to leave engine description to the experts, but if looks were important, the new generation Stingray is for me. With the rear end reminiscent of Ferrari it is designed with the front that seems to be more integrated or wrapped around the frame than the last one. It looks like a rocket ready to be launched.

 Not yet convinced, stop by your local Chevrolet dealer and take it for a test drive. It is much more than a nostalgia thirst quencher.


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