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The new Ford Mustang was first introduced to the driving public on April 17th, 1964 at New York World’s Fair. It was dated year 1964 and ½. With sleek sporty design and long hood Mustang created a “Pony Car” class of American automobiles and an army of diehard fans. They are called Mustang enthusiasts in order to avoid labeling them fanatics. Fanatics, they are ready to go to any length to restore their prized fifty year old American classics to original, mint condition. Those restored beauties are worth much more than what they were sold for originally.

I have a personal experience restoring 1965 Mustang and painting it candy apple red for a local enthusiast a few years ago.” I’ve been dreaming about owning this beauty ever since I was fifteen years old,” said 52 year old Bobby Jackson:” I don’t care how long it takes it’s got to be perfect.” Bobby helped to make sure that it turned out as perfect as possible by personally going out and buying every nut, every bolt and every part the pony required. After almost a year in the shop and a lot of TLC it was ready to be showed off at Toluca Lake’s Bob’s Big Boy on Friday night.


Last week 2015 Ford Mustang was assembled on the 86th floor of Empire State Building as part of New York International Auto Show. Its eye catching designs inside and out continues the rich tradition of American Mustang the car that has been in production for 50 years without a break. While obviously different from its predecessors, 2015 Mustang still has a distinct look. However most other features such as aerodynamics, engine, transmission, suspension along with a lot of new electronics have been redesigned and vastly improved or just added. Something that caught my eye is that 2015 Mustang will finally get an independent rear suspension. The new Mustang also has twice the anti-dive and twice the anti-squat characteristics of the old pony. Revised front suspension is said to improve steering precision and front traction. If you are not a fan of spending your hard earned dollars on gas for 8 cylinder muscle car, new Mustang rolls out a turbo charged 4 cylinder engine on top of traditional 6 and 8 cylinder versions.

2015 Ford mustang is scheduled to be in dealer’s showrooms across the country by October of 2014. Why don’t you take a new pony for a ride and see for yourself.


Special! Summer Promotion!

Posted: April 10, 2014 in Body Shop News

By Andrei Volkov

Summer CouponOne of the most dangerous times during the year for your car is the Summer. The extreme heat and direct sunlight hitting your car can and will slowly cause serious harm to your paint. Even leaving it in a scolding hot parking lot on a particularly hotday can be quite bad for it. While these dangerous aren’t very prevalent, over time they can become very serious.


So, during the Summers we have made it customary to offer a coupon to help our customers keep their cars safe from the sun! Starting May 1st, if you show up at our shop with this coupon in hand (all you need to do is print it out!) and have a job costing more than $1,000, we’ll give your car a FULL detailed cleaning for free! This should keep your car safe for at least a month or two, guaranteed!

By Andrei Volkov


Before Toyota


Every week, without fail, someone shows up at the shop telling us that they HAVE to get three estimates, because THEY told them to. I think the most important thing to me to note here is that no one has to do anything. But, that aside, who are they to tell you to go get three estimates? Be it your dad, your uncle, your grandmama, the guy who hit you, the insurance company, whoever, three seems to be the magic number of estimates that people always want other people to get.


Now, what if you know about cars, enough that you can comfortably know when and where you’re getting a good deal. Or what if you have a really trusted friend or family member with a body shop? What if you don’t really care about where the car is fixed at, or you don’t have the time to get three? My advice: don’t. Don’t get three estimates. The reason for this is simple: you are being forced to work for someone else. The person telling you to shop around is actually having you shop around for them. You’re doing unpaid work! Unpaid work for the person who is responsible for getting your car fixed.


As often as I hear ‘they told me to get three estimates,’ I also hear ‘they want me to go to another shop.’ The most important thing to realize in these situations is that the other person, be they the person at fault or an insurance company, is NOT the boss of your vehicle. You are, and you by law are allowed to take your vehicle to whatever body shop you want. The other party is not handling the repairs for your car they are just handling the payment, they can not guarantee a good job. The next thing to realize, is that by law, you only need one estimate. ONE ESTIMATE IS ALL YOU NEED. Even if the CEO of the insurance company called you and told you that you HAD to get 3 estimates, by law, you only need one so he can be ignored.


For the last twenty years or so my father has been handing out flyers with little facts on them, and I think it’s about time I brought those facts to a digital outlet. These aren’t groundbreaking or secret, by no means, but there are plenty of people who don’t know them, or so it seems.


  1. The Law does not require you to get more than one estimate.
  2. You are not required to use any particular shop. You choose the body shop to perform repairs.
  3. There is a difference in body shops. A lower estimate may overlook details like aligning the front end, aiming the headlights, etc. It’s your car…make sure it’s repaired to your satisfaction.
  4. You are the only one who can authorize repairs on your car. Don’t sign any releases until you’re sure that the insurance company will cover the cost of the repairs.
  5. Be aware of the “appraisal clause” in your insurance policy. If the insurance company and the body shop cannot agree on what the repairs should cost, this could provide a means of fair settlement.
  6. You should know that your car is being repaired for you as the owner. You are expected, therefore, to be able to pay for the repairs upon completion. To avoid paying with your personal check, arrange to have the insurance company releases signed and back to the paying company in time for them to get a check back to you. If a lienholder is named on the check, be sure to get his endorsement. By making these arrangements in advance, you will help the repair shop to get you back on the road in a minimum of time.


So next time some jerk who hit you is pushing you to get three estimates, or if your insurance company is trying to steer you somewhere, arm yourself with the facts and remember that you have rights, you have options, and you can do as you like!